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Media Listening Update April 28th

Here are the two clips for this week’s group discussion. I don’t think there are transcripts, however you can click the captions setting on the page and you’ll get an on-screen transcript (not 100% accurate).

 The second clip, you need only to watch between 0:00 – 5:35.


1.     What did Edward Snowden want to find out from Vladimir Putin?

2.     Why are two journalists facing charges in Thailand? (and what charges)

3.     What was the response to the Reuters reporters?  Why was it different?

4.     Why did the police remove the squatters in the Amazon?

5.     Do you think the squatters should be allowed to stay? Why or why not?

6.     What is the purpose of the new FBI film?

7.     Describe the 2 groups fighting each other in Thailand

8.     Which group do you think deserves support?

9.     What solution would you propose for the situation?

Group discussion dates and members (please check)

small-group-leaders-spring-2014-half-comp1-final-edit complete

Forthcoming Schedule

04/29 Unit 7


05/01 Small Groups

Listening 7 due 05/03

05/06 NO CLASS 05/08 Unit 8

Listening 8 due 05/10

05/13 Unit 9, QUIZ 3 (7-9) 05/15 Small Groups

Listening 9 due 05/17

Homework schedule is in the link below

listening-homework-weekly-plan-1 (1)


Tuesday April 29th Prezi Link

Your groups should also be thinking about this – assignment-2-1




Presentation Class Speech #2 -April 28th Update

Topic MoviePeer

Critique sheet #2


Homework #1

Self-video Self Reflection sheet 2


This semester, you will
1. Record yourself 2X giving a 3 minute speech, (filmed preferably in a classroom). 1 X after midterm, 1 X before final.
2. Watch yourself and think about what you did well and what you want to improve on.
3. then fill out a self-reflection form.
4. email me the video and give me the form in class –
5. To be completed by no later than Thursday May 15th

You can record yourself giving class speech #2 with your partner.

Homework 2 (print out the worksheet) and to be given to me on Thursday 8th May.

Media Listening Midterm Review Sheet

Media Listening Midterm Review Sheet

Here’s a review sheet to help you prepare for the midterm next week.

Good luck^^


Media Listening – Homework Listening Assignment

listening-homework-weekly-plan-1 (1)





Medical Advice


Presentation 1 -April 14 2014 – update

Some review before midterms next week…


opena and close a presentation April 2014 Pres 1


Opening and Closing a Presentation


2014 Media Listening 1 › Listening Homework 6

Listening 6 is due April 19th

Media Listening April 8th – Vocabulary

Stars Vs Paparazzi

Presentation 1 – April 4th Update

Midterm Speech Topics (1)

Here is the link with your list of choices for your misterm presentation.

Dates will be 17th, 22nd, 24th April.

You will present on one of those days and will also have to observe on one other day. You’ll come to 2 classes out of three. We’ll work out the dates soon.

Some key points –




1. I planned on paper.
2. I took time to plan an interesting speech.
3. I selected a few interesting points about my topic.
4. I practiced my speech at home!
5. I made note cards with key points/words only.



1. My speech topic was simple and clear.
2. I told an unexpected point about the topic! What was it?


3. My points supported my topic well! I described my topic well.


4. I connected to the audience. How?


5. I had a beginning, middle and end in my speech.



1. I was relaxed and smiled.
2. I spoke in a clear loud voice.
3. I gestured.
4. I made eye contact with the audience.
5. I enjoyed myself!
6. I dressed appropriately.
7. I kept good time.
8. I only read minimally from my cards.



Remember to use this blog to review what you should/shouldn’t do in a presentation(Prezi links)

Media Listening Group Discussion April 10th

April 10th pt2 movie conduct questions pre-class

MEDLIS Group Disc- April 10 Part 1

Here are the 2 parts you’ll need for this week’s Group Discussion. There are 2 scripts (don’t worry – combined they come to around 10 minutes) and you should start by downloading the link that says pt2.

When you’ve got that file, click the link at the top.

On the BBC page, look for the downloads link. From that link you can download BOTH the audio and transcript that you’ll need for this activity.

PDF file and MP3 file are BOTH on the page.

There are a few discussion questions, a some idioms, and a table for you to complete and bring to class.

Next, once you click the second link, it should read “Moviegoers Code Of Conduct”. Click the Youtube link  and follow the transcript. I will bring an extra activity to class on Thursday.

Also, Quiz #2 will be on April 15th, covering Units 4-6.


2014 Media Listening 1 › Listening Homework 5 (April 2nd update)

To Complete this homework assignment you need to visit the following link:

Email me your answers with the following:
1. Pre-listening
2. Listening Exercise 1
3. Describe the movie you went to see most recently. (3-4 sentences)