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Advanced Conversation Unit 11



language 1


Regional accents are ‘bad for business’

Business Presentation – Final Speech Dec 2015

Final Exam Info (2)

R and C Unit 6 – Update

r and c reaction essays 2014 (1)

Reaction Essay Outline Fall 2015 – Movies (1)

Free Student Writing November


R and C p95-98 Oct 2015

Argument Essay Outline –

Para 1 introduction and thesis statement



R and C – Titles


History of English

R and C – Unit 5 – November 9th

Para 1 introduction and thesis statement


Use this as a guide to your outline (due November 19th)

Topic –

Title –

P1- Introduction (hook)


Supporting Sentences (ideas) x2

P2- Thesis sentence

Supporting Sentences (ideas) x2

P3- Thesis sentence

Supporting Sentences (ideas) x2

P4- Thesis (this paragraph should contain the opposite opinion of your own)

Supporting Sentences (ideas) x2

P5- Conclusion

Summing up

Final Opinion

Remember to type this assignment and being it to class on Nov 19th. Also, please send me your argument topics via email before writing the outline –

Use the class handouts as a guide to help you.