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Business Presentations – Speech #3 – Photo Exhibition

It’s almost time for the Photo Exhibition (#3 speech). To make it a bit easier this time, I  made the list as follows. If you did your midterm on the first day then you’ll present on the first day of the #3 speech (Monday 4th November).  If you did the midterm on the second day, then you’ll present your photos on Thursday November 7th. When you’re not presenting you will go to another class (but come to our room first for attendance^^) and critique some other students’ photos. Your room wil be #301  혜인관.

김재호 4th November











전유정 7th November

허정필 7th

정유경 7th








이희정7th (143)


Peer Critique Sheet (1) <PRINT ME>

On Thursday, we’ll work on what questions to ask, what language to use from your textbook and so on. We”ll also have time for some feedback from your midterms. Busy Busy…

Some Details about Speech #3
1. You can display as many photos as they like but I would suggest 5 or 6…any size(s). Bigger prints might be easier for the ‘guests’ to see.
2. Speak for 3-4 minutes…per guest.
3. Use the critique sheets to ask your questions. Hand them in to me when you’re finished. That’ll be your participation scores.
4. Take a look at the Photo Exhibition handout I gave you and read it again. Did I follow these steps?
See you Thursday ^^


Business Talk – Update – 29th October

Here are today’s handouts from the ‘Guerrilla Marketing’ (D& D Unit 9).

biz talk guerrilla marketing oct 2013 p2

biz talk guerrilla marketing oct 2013



The next link contains articles from local, Korean newspapers. There are some details about ‘demographics’ that you might find useful. There’s also an update on the ‘Factory Fire in Bangladesh’ case study that we did earlier in the semester.

biz talk articles oct 2013


There were 3 things that we covered in class.

First, Page 19 and 20 of the workbook should be completed by next Sunday or Monday (Oct 4th – before lunchtime). The contents of page 20 can be either sent to me in an email, or you can scan the pages and email them that way.

Either way, you should send me the details in a clear and easy to read document. I’ll give you some feedback in next week’s class.

Next, the D and D (case study 9) should be emailed to me before next Tuesday’s class. Use the language at the top of the page to help with your recommendations.

Finally, please read the case study that I gave out at the start of class. We’ll be covering this subject with students from another class. Half of you will go to another classroom to participate.

At the next class I’ll give you a list of times that I’ll be available for some student meetings. These’ll take place on a Monday and Tuesday. I’ll also be able to give you some feeedback from the midterm and give you an opportunity to ask any questions about your progress with the project.

As always, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.




Advanced Conversation Fall 2013 – October 17th – Update

To close out Unit 4 from ‘interchange’, I found an interesting activity for you to check out.

Just watch the video (take a look at the questions – you can pick and choose which ones to answer^^) and see how you get on.

and-god-created-the-dj (1)

Advanced Conversation Fall 2013 – October 16th – Update

There are a few things that you’ll need to know for the upcoming midterms.

On October 21st, the first group of students will take the ‘exam’ in our classroom in the Eunju Bldg. Starting at 3pm.

On October 24th, the second group of students will take the ‘exam’ in my office #1403.

October 21st

3pm 김정준

305pm 이동혁

310pm 김정하

315pm 신나영

320pm 정호선

325pm 조정윤

330pm 최유진

335pm 하서미

340pm 한지희

345pm 한현민

350pm 윤다희


October 24th (office)

3pm 박현우

305pm 현민재

310pm 이무늬

315pm 정헤인

320pm 조상아

325pm 최 나은

330pm 최헤경

335pm 한상미

340pm 한효민

345pm 도성주

350pm 안남주

You should also revise the grammar sections in both the workbook and student book for the first 4 chapters of ‘Interchange’. Did you know that there is a website that goes along with the book?

This will help you revise by going here –

There is also an overview of the past tenses here – overview-of-past-tenses (1)

Also, the next blog assignment is due before 10/28. Page 33. 5 pieces of advice…send me mp3 files please 🙂

The next Group Discussion is also set for 11/04. We need to find out who’s not been a group leader yet? I put together some topics from the newsapers for you to take a look through. adv comm class discussion examples after midterm



Business Presentations – October 14th Update

Good job on the presentations today. I’m hoping for more of the same on Thursday!

Next Monday, 21st October we’ll have some time to prepare for the midterms. They’ll then take place on Oct 24th and Oct 28th.

For Thursday, please complete the ‘Ted Talks’ handout (you’ll need to watch 2 or 3 of the clips on the blog) and bring them to class.

Here’s the schedule for the midterms. It may be subject to change. Please check your name is on the list please.


김재호 24th

이현진  24th

정유진  24th

임지이  24th

이희정  24th

이동민  24th

정지후  24th

신연웅  24th

이희정  24th

전주환  24th

정재연  24th

이현수  24th


전유정 28th

허정필 28th

정유경 28th

임소리 28th

정진화 28th

전지연 28th

임해리 28th 

임그림 28th

전소현 28th

김세빈희 28th

이희정 28th (143)

김성은 28th


The next presentations will be on November 4th and November 7th. It will be a ‘Photography Exhibition’. I will post more details in the next few days. Hwoever, it’ll be something like this:

Students decide on a theme, take pictures and exhibit the photos on a poster. You’ll then explain to exhibition “visitors” about why you chose that theme, where you took the photos, any info you want to share, answer questions etc for about 3-4 minutes. I think it’ll be fun :>

See you Thursday. If you have any questions at all just let me know :>



Business Presentations – October 10th Update

Pop-up presentations october 2013

Here’s a copy of today’s pop-up presentation PPT.

For this group presentation, focus on the details on the handout.

After you’ve completed your questionnaires, you’ll need to take those answers and turn them into some kind of statistics.

Make a graph or a pie chart to show the audience what the results were for each of the questions you asked.

The links below detail how to talk about your graphs/charts etc and also include some of the language you should use. Please refer to the language in page 78-79 of your texbooks for this presentation.

biz pres group graphs description etc


Finally, you should end your presentation with some recommendations of your own and why you are making them.

Business Presentations – TED TALKS – Homework October 7th

Jennifer 8. Lee: The hunt for General Tso

Sheena Iyengar: The art of choosing

Jamie Oliver: Teach every child about food

Arthur Benjamin: A performance of “Mathemagic”

Bono: My wish: Three actions for Africa

Handspring Puppet Co.: The genius puppetry behind War Horse

All of these videos have Korean subtitles. You can watch the video with or without them, it’s up to you. Choose 3 of the videos and complete the worksheet I handed out during class. Bring it on Thursday.

Also, on Thursday, we’ll have time for a ‘pop-up’ demonstration. It’s where we will work in groups and do a very quick round of presentations. It’s good practice for the group sppeches and midterms.

Email me if you have any questions ^^



Business Talk – October 1st – Update

Next week, we have a ‘group meeting day’ on Tuesday and we also conduct our surveys on Thursday. There’s still a lot to do before the midterm.

Here’s the list for you to check off…

1. For Tuesday 8th, all students must bring the following;

a) A graphic/logo idea (see page 9 of your workbook). If you can, try a few different ones and show them to the group?

b) A list of at least 3 or 4 ‘company name suggestions. Or, as many as you like.

It’s better to have too many ideas than not enough.

c) Is the mission statement and company introduction complete? Does it need edited? Does it make sense? Could we improve on it? Bring a typed copy of each to the class.

2. Everyone should read Page 13 of the workbook. Not just once, but several times.

See Step 1: Introducing the Product/Product Information

Read the paragraph. Do you have enough information about your company? Does it look professional? You may be surprised at what the other groups and classes are preparing?

3. Step 2 Asking The Questions/Research Questionnaire

I’ve supplied a few links that may give you some ideas about the questions to compile. A good mixture of questions is really important and don’t stop at TEN!

Do a search of your own and see what you find! Please bring a list of questions to the next class. You should all bring your own examples.


You can use sites like Survey Monkey – (they also have a Korean language option – but please do the questions in English) ^^

This site also contains some useful do’s and don’t advice

There’s also some great information here (you should follow this advice) and here designingsurveysthatcount

4. Go to page 18 of your workbook. How much have you and your group completed from the list?

5. As well as all of the above, you should be making plans for the other parts of the project. Remember what we talked about here?

6. During the class on Tuesday 8th, we will divide the groups and this will give you a chance to talk to another group about their product/service. This will simulate the midterm when you and I will have a one-to-one interview all about your company. Start thinking about how to describe your service. What language should you use? How do I describe my brand? It’s important that we start to think of the product/service as a real thing.

For example, you should be able to describe your product/service to someone in a few sentences. The less complications, the easier it’ll be to sell the idea!

Please come prepared and remember to keep in touch with your group members about how things are progressing. If you have an idea for something (or anything at all) share it with your group.

So, that’s where we are. I hope you enjoy the holiday on Thursday and if there’s anything you want to ask or show me prior to the class, please do not hesitate ^^





Business Presentations Update – October 1st

Group Grading Rubric

Group Speech Outline

Topic Info (1)

These are all the documents you’ll need for the group presentation.The presentations will take place on Oct 14th and October 17th.

Before you come to the next class (7th October) you and your group should have the following already prepared:

1.  Group members.

2. Choose a category (or your own choice).

3. Create a questionnaire. You should do this together.

Try to make a mixture of open-ended questions, yes/no questions, rating (poor/good/very good/excellent), multiple choice (a/b/c/d/e)

Here’s an example:

1a What is your name?/ 1b Are you a student at SKU? Yes/No / 1c If yes, what’s your major? 1d What year are you in (Freshman/Sophomore etc…)

2a What do you think of the…?

(poor/satisfactory/good/very good/excellent)

surveyphoto (2)

There are some examples of good and bad questions in the photo above. Download it and check.

For the next class on Monday October 7th, please

Next, here are the midterm presentation documents.

Info and Topics (1)

Quite a lot of you have already chosen a topic and some of you have chosen the same topic. If you choose the same topic as another student, you’ll just do your presentations on different days.

The dates are October 24th and October 28th.

Email me with your preferences ASAP. We will also work out the dates at the next class.

October 7th and October 10th we will have time to go over something new, plus we will have time for feedback so please bring your ‘self-reflection’ evaluations to class for me to have a look at.

We will also have time to work on our group speech as well as the midterm. However, you’ll have to prepare most of it in your own time.  Also, please prepare the correct cue cards.



Finally, for Monday 7th October, the homework assignment is from your textbook ‘English For Presentations’. It’s important that we use the key language from the units. Please do the following from UNIT #4 as you’ll use it in the group speech.

Page 33 #1 (audio – use the cd at the back of the book)

Page 34 #3

Page 35 #5 (audio – cd)

Page 36  – Talking about trends

Page 37 – #8

Page 79 – key vocabulary

Any questions, send me an email and enjoy the holiday on Thursday ^..^