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All classes – just something awesome for you to listen to…

Demo of Beat It composed using only Michael Jackson’s voice

A friend of mine posted this on his Facebook page and I thought I’d share.

It’s a great example of Michael Jackson’s creative, musical mind.

Although he couldn’t play any instruments that well (or at all ), he was still able to describe the songs he’d written to other musicians – note for note.

I’m not a huge MJ fan, but ‘Beat It’ is a great song…click the link to hear how he did it, the watch the video. It’s very 1980’s 🙂

Beat It

Media Listening Discussion – April 3rd article/questions

April 3rd Media Listening Transcript and Link (1)

1. Visit the link below; 2. watch the video; then 3. answer the discussion questions – type your answers.  

Please PRINT OUT the questions and answers and bring them to class.

*Group Leaders remember you need to prepare thoroughly and create some additional questions for discussion in your groups.

Media Listening – Media Listening Assignment 1

Please take a look at the handout and the Prezi.

We have to finalize groups etc by early this week.

Assignment 1

Discussion Questions (edited) and Homework Assignment

The questions for Thursday (written a bit differently^^)

1.     Do you think you are impacted by advertisements?  How?  Or why not?

2.     Jean Kilbourne says advertising with women has changed over the past 40 years.  How?  Do you agree?

3.     In your opinion what does your ideal woman look like?  Ideal man?  Why? 

4.     How did you form your opinions for number 3?  (as best you can remember)

5.     Kilbourne says the ads we see have a cumulative, subconscious effect that can create a ‘toxic cultural environment’. What does this mean?  Do you think we have toxic cultural environments? How?  Or Why not?

6.     Do you think ads ‘sell values,…concepts of love and sexuality, of success and…normalcy’?

7.     How are photos are retouched (according to Kilbourne)? Do you think we measure ourselves against these images, as Kilbourne suggests? Why or why not?


8.     Do you think the images of people of color in magazines are made to ‘approximate the white ideal’? Why or why not?


9.     What are some effects of objectification that Kilbourne mentions? Do you agree or disagree with her that the objectification of female images may be related to violence against women? Explain.


Listening Homework 4

To Complete this homework assignment you need to visit the following link:

Please complete the following activities on the google group:
1. Pre-listening
2. Listening Exercise 1 – post your answers first, then check your score, then post your score (4/5, 5/5, etc.) (just post the letters – not the whole sentences)
3. What is your opinion of the cosmetic surgery industry in Korea? (3-4 sentences)
This assignment is due on March 29 at 12:00 Midnight.


Media Listening Monday 24th March – Group Discussion (27th March) Update

Thursday 27 March edit

Here is the transcript and audio/video file for this week’s discussion group on Thursday.

계수현 신주현 조정윤 박성민 이무늬 이푸름

Group discussion leaders are named above.

Also, after this week, we’ll try to mix the groups up for next week’s class. That way, you’ll have a chance to mix with as many different students as we can possibly can.

This week’s transcript is taken from a Youtube clip. If you want to listen to the audio on its own, but don’t want to watch the clip (for example, you can put the mp3 file on your phone, desktop etc) then Freemake is some good (free) software that you can use to extract audio from Youtube clips. Check it out here:

Finally, if you have a question about any of the vocabulary or themes from this clip, don’t hesitate to drop me a line and ask. I’ll do my best to help where and when I can ^^


Media Listening 1 – Vocabulary Unit 3 – March 23rd

Here’s the Prezi with some of last week’s vocabulary from Unit 3.

There’s also a brief handout about ‘puns’. We used them in the discussion group last Thursday, so I thought this might help explain them in more detail.


I’ll update with more details for this week’s classes later today.

Presentation 1 -Spring 2014 – March 18

Class Speech #1 Topic

Here are the details for the first of our class speech. Please email your choices by Thursday evening.

As we talked about this morning, there will be 4 seperate ‘speech days’. What I will do for this first speech is this:

On Thursday (20th) students will draw a number. That number will tell you what date you’ll do your presentation on, as well as your position (first, second etc).

As this is the first class speech, I think this is a fair way to decide. For the remaining presentations we can choose a different way to select days/dates

Finally, here are a couple of ‘Prezi’ slides that detail the do’s and don’ts of planning a presentation. Have a look through them and we’ll go through them in the next class in more detail.

See you Thursday ^^


Media Listening March 18th – Groups and Transcript – updated

CNN March 20 transcript

cnn march 20 transcript and qs

For the sake of simplicity, I think we’ll keep the same groups for a few weeks.

There’s an opportunity to switch them after the midterm, but we’ll have one or two more weeks of the same groups in the meantime.

하서미 강상구 김지윤 이종훈 이소정 현민재

March 29th Group Leaders

I now have the questions for this transcript.  Links are above. Also, try to print the transcript and bring it to Thursday’s class. It’ll help you with the vocabulary.
*Group Leaders remember you need to prepare thoroughly and create some additional questions for discussion in your groups. Last week’s discussion went well and everyone was participating. Let’s keep up the good work!

Reading and Composition March 14th

Great job this week everyone!

Here are the Prezi links that we went over in class yesterday (Thursday).

Remember to bring your homework to class on Monday.

If you don’t have so already, you’ll need to being a notepad or lined A4 paper to class. When we do writing work in the class, it’ll be easier for you to use.

If you have any questions you can email me any time

Have a good weekend




Media Listening 1 March 14th Update – Homework #3

I try to reply to as many of your emails as I can. I hope you read the comments ^^ Here’s the next homework assignment. You have plenty of time to do  it.



Saving the Earth

To complete this homework assignment you need to visit the following link:

Please reply on the google group OR by email and complete the following activities:

1. Pre-listening (just list 2 or 3 other answers for both questions)

2. Listening Exercises – post your answers first, then check your score, then post your score (4/5, 5/5, etc.) (just post the letters – not the whole sentences)

3. Post-listening Exercises – answer each of the questions in order.

Remember – I am NOT grading your SCORE from the quiz – so don’t cheat!!  I am only grading your completion.  If you complete all the assignment you will get 100%

For this week Q3 says “Conduct research on how paper and glass are recycled and then report on the types of products that are produced from these recycled materials.

Review how paper and other products are being overused at your home, school, or business, and propose ideas on how to reduce excess waste and promote recycling.”

1. How are paper and glass recycled? What products are made from these recycled materials?

2. How are paper & other products being  overused at your home, school, or business?

3. How can we reduce excess waste & promote recycling?

Quiz 1 (MONDAY 25 MARCH)
 Continue to study and review the vocabulary from your textbook for our first quiz on Units 1-3. (pages 10-11, 15 16-17,21) If you’d like to ask about any of the vocabulary in more detail just let me know.