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Advanced Conversation Schedule – NOW CHANGED

The university have added another makeup date but not on Friday 10th June. Instead it’ll be on Monday June 13th. We will do our Quiz 2 on that date.

Please take note of your schedule. We have class 6/9 (Thursday) and our Final Quiz (#2) will be on Friday 10th June.
Final interviews will be from Monday 13th June.

15 06.06


06.09 (5.5) (Make-up)

Checkpoint Units 11&12

16 06.10 (6.6)


Quiz 2

06.13-06.17 Final Exams

All Classes – May 30th 2016

There are lots of free (and cool) ways to help study English, especially if you want to do some more learning during your vacation. If you want to know more specific details, let me know ūüôā


Presentation – May 31st 2016 – Conclusion

From 55:00 onwards for Conclusion

Go to Page 87 Speaking of Speech (read the green box)

Page 87 How to make a conclusion ‚Äď Check the different methods mentioned in the book

Page 93 ‚Äď watch the DVD (or the youtube clip above)

Make sure to not only give us the main point BUT also give us the ‚Äėfocus point‚Äô

P94 complete after watching the video


Advanced Conversation May 26th – Unit 12 (pt1)

adv conv may26th 2016

r and C 10 – Narrative Paragraph – May 29th 2016

Narrative paragraph – use to find synonyms

List of English-language metaphors

Metaphor Examples

A metaphor is a comparison between two unlike things not using the word ‚Äúlike‚ÄĚ or ‚Äúas‚ÄĚ to make the comparison. Metaphors can be powerful, but they can also be tricky to identify at times.


Presentation 24th May 2016

Speech 5- The Introduction
What should I include in my opening?
*Hook*Your topic
*Why your info is useful/Why are you telling us this?
*Short summary of points
*Signal start of speech
Pictures and Questions
*1 picture…Can you guess what/where/who this is?
*2 pictures..What do these two have in common?
*1 unusual¬†picture…This¬†is what¬†I‚Äôm going¬†to talk¬†about. Can you¬†guess my¬†topic?
*TIP: Repeat the questions if you get no answer!!!*Really take you time!
Stories are immediately interesting.*Take your time!*It can be a story about you*It can be a story about a friend’s experience.
*GO SLOWLY and tell it well!*Make sure it has a real connection to your topic and message!
*EX: I’d like to begin by telling you a short story…..
Say WHAT you’re going to say!  (future tense)
*EX: So today/this morning, I’m going to _____explain the causes of …..
inform you about …
persuade you that…
inspire you to ….

R and C- Unit 8 Descriptive Parapgraph – How To…

R and C Unit 8 descriptive paragraph May 2016

Adv. Conversation May 19th

Adv. Conversation Unit 11 Appearances

Presentation May 17th 2016 – Speech # 5- “The Intro”










Key Words, Key Names, Key Numbers

Chose the right slide for the right message…

Use a simple conclusion slide – remember the message


May 17th 2016- R and C Unit 8 – Descriptive Paragraph

R and C Unit 7 and 8 May 2015

Brainstorming_descriptive_essay_template_copy (1)

descriptive_words_worksheet_3_col (1)

Paragraph Structure-paragraph-structure