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Presentations – Finals – June 2013

Here are some suggestions and ideas for you to work on for your Final Presentation. The finals will take place on June 12th and June 17th.

Final Pres List May 2013

list of prez topics final may 2013

how to speech topics

informative speech pres

persuasive and policy pres

Policy Speech Topics

presentation topics april 2013 Craig


Essay Class May 24th

Essay 3 Pre-Writing and Organizing – The powerpoint from today’s class.

Essay organization Worksheet –  Complete this for Friday’s class. You’ll need to print it before coming to class.

Also, please bring the final copy of the second essay on Friday. We’re almost at the end of the semester, so just try that little bit harder and we’ll soon be over the line!


Reading and Composition Week 12-13 (May 20 & May 27)

Reading Articles Week 12-13

Essay Class May 22nd


Here are some of the websites and examples that we looked at in the last class. You should prepare a short presentation about your topic for the 3rd essay.

Top 10 Appliances We Can’t Live Without


15 Things You Should Give Up To Be Happy


Welcome Back to Earth, Commander Hadfield


10 ways to kickstart

10 Simple Ways to Make the World a Better Place


50 Ways To Help The Planet


making the world a better place quotes





Presentation Class May 22nd

Here are some apps and software that will help with the recording/pronunciation practice.

These are apps that you can use on both your PC and smartphone. Experiment and find one you like. – this software is great for all sorts of converting, downloading, and so on.

All are free.

Pronunciation quizzes should be sent to me by June 5th. With your partner, choose one script, listen to the clip, then record your own clip using the accompanying script.



Essay Class May 15th

Here are the links for the grammar homework. We’ll talk about it in class.




Presentation Class – May 15th

Clear Speech Unit 8


These are the files you’ll need for the Pronunciation quiz (June 5th). Attached to each document will be the video files you’ll also need.

Elaine is trying to convince Cynthia to go out with George

Seinfeld Dialogue Georg Quits Job

The Show About Nothing




Group Presentations

Group presentation topics (1)




Reading and Composition – Week 11 – Readings

Week 11 Readings

Tweet your responses by no later than Thursday 16th May.

Reading and Composition – Week 10 -Reading

Week 10 Articles (May 6-10)

Essay Class May 3rd

Remember, for Friday (May 3rd) class, you’ll need to submit your first draft of your second essay.

Here are some tutorial videos that cover how to set up your paper.

You can also find essay examples at these links – Comparison/Contrast, Giving Instructions, Essays to Persuade, Cause or Effect


This file will show you how to use citations correctly.

proper citation

and this website also has some useful hints for you.

In-Text Citations: The Basics


Essay 2 Information and Sources