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Media Listening Final Exam Review

Here are the Group Discussion Worksheets, Vocabulary, Questions, and Answers. For the Final Exam you should prepare from Unit 7 onwards…

Today’s Jeopardy questions are below. Ben apologizes as he never checked to see if the links worked or not before he tried it. That’s why it looked a bit odd today. I tihnk we got there in the end ­čÖé

Media Listening Final Review Jeopardy

All the group discussion questions/answers etc are in this file. It’s a Zip file.

Vocabulary Definitions are in the Prezi’s below


The link below is a list of vocabulary. You have to guess the correct meaning from 2 or 3 seperate choices. Good for reviewing!

ML1 Quiz


Reading and Composition Final Exam Review

Here’s the Prezi from today’s class. ┬áRemember to review all of it…Next Monday we have the exam. If you have any questions, just email me. See you then…

The Sahara Desert – Summary

Sahara Summary answers

Unit-10 Worksheet (1)

Presentation Class Spring 2014 – Final Speeches

Please click the link and download the instructions for the final speech.

Final Speech Topics final June 2014

Choose one of the topics.

After choosing one, you should email me and tell me what you’re going to present about.

Email – The sooner you choose a subject, the more time you willl have to prepare and practice.

In the handout, you’ll find your name alongside the date. That’s when you’ll be doing your presentation. You do not need to come to class other than the day/date that you’ll be presenting.

You should also be on time. Being punctual is very important.

To help you prepare, you can look at the Prezi’s and handouts that I’ve prepared for you throught the semester. Start here

and then you can follow the links after that date. The Prezis and worksheets contain all the information you need to perform a successful speech.

Here are a couple of videos for you to take a look at. They contain some good ideas.

Give presentations like Steve Jobs! 

Oral Presentations for ESL Students


Please contact me if you have any questions.

Good luck…






Reading and Composition – Quiz 4 (and Final exam) Review – June 2nd 2014

Here is the link to a Prezi that I prepared for you.

It reviews a lot of the things we went over in class (photo writing prompts,pronouns, summary writing etc). You should read it carefully…

If you have any questions just email me or you can come and see me in my office  -any time.