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Reading and Composition – Readings

Remember, you have to complete your reading logs. If you need a few new readings, see the link below.

R and C Readings week 13 and 14

r and c w1314 pt2

r&C w1314

Final Presentation – Class Schedules

Wednesday June 12th 9 a.m. (not in this particular order)

  1. 김지윤
  2. 강진욱
  3. 정정미
  4. 이희연
  5. 송화정
  6. 김기태
  7. 김정연
  8. 이용승
  9. 김경양
  10. 김동혁
  11. 권은실
  12. 권동혁
  13. 이지선

Monday June 17th

  1. 문가을
  2. 박다감
  3. 고현승
  4. 권정인
  5. 이청신
  6. 김다은
  7. 김보람
  8. 김나은
  9. 최민욱
  10. 황동욱
  11. 김주원
  12. 김세빈희
  13. 김선영

Presentation Class – Final Presentation June 12th & June 17th


Here are the presentations we looked at this morning. Of course, if you go back through the blog (April 10th), you’ll find the more ‘in-depth’ presentations that we covered.

Presentation Skills -A Reminder

Do The Basics Well

Presentation Skills – Focus

Skills, Techniques, and Gestures

Also, as well as anticipating a question or two after your presentation, you should also submit a complete summary/outline of your presentation AND the cue cards you used for your talk.

  1.  Cue Cards – They should be organized and used correctly. Remember the examples I showed you?
  2.   Presentation Summary/Outline.
  3.  Email me if you want some feedback on your submitted ‘draft’ outline.
  4.  Checklist and self assessment sheet- Refresh – Have a look at this checklist and with a partner (or group) check the things off that you have done well.



Reading and Composition Class June 3rd

r and c class publication (1)

For our publication, we need a name. The choices were:



JJ News

Jackpot For Tomorrow

Joo Hye News


Let’s make a final decision tomorrow.

Please print your articles and bring them to class on Monday and we can edit them. We need all the articles to be completed (and edited) for Monday 10th June.

Reminder – Monday June 10th is our make-up class. It’s a Monday but class will still be at 12pm.

Presentation Class June 3rd and June 5th

This week will be the final classes for presentations. We will cover the last of ‘Clear Speech’ as well as a refresher quiz. Also, we’ll organize who’ll be doing their presentation and when.

Clear Speech 15 Audio –


For those of you who are not sure of what you’ll do for your final presentation, have a look at these links. You were supposed to email your choice before Monday June 3rd.|home|newslist1|home|newslist1|home|newslist1


Essay Class – June 5th

Word Choice – Exercise 5: Loss and Lost

Print and complete for this Wednesday’s class.

You can also practice at the website –

Some important facts and figures for you:

The make-up date for the essay class will be on Monday June 10th. It’s a Monday, but the class will take place at the same time (and the same place) as per-normal.

Also, please bring the second draft of your essay for Wednesday June 5th. The final draft will be due on June 10th.

We will be having a practice essay during class on June 5th. We’ve already talked about it…

So, we’re nearly there. Just a bit more to go!