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Media Listening Group Discussion May 29th 2014

Thursday 29th Group Discussion Answers media listen small group thu 29 all

Audio Files

Supreme Court Ruling Not Enough – transcript (no questions – only the two transcripts)


Discussion Questions

Debtors Prisons”

  1. What is a debtors prison?
  2. Do you think prisons are an effective way of handling such crimes?
  3. Is the US government being fiscally responsible by applying such measures?
  4. Do you think the justice system in the USA is in need of reform? What recommendations would you give?
  5. According to the International Centre for Prison Studies, the United States imprisons more people than which 2 autocratic countries? (the answer is not in this article – you’ll have to work it out 🙂 Is it really home of the free?
  6. To add insult to injury, one year after Kyle Dewitt was released from jail, what happened to him?

Cinco De Mayo”

  1. What does Cinco De Mayo celebrate?
  2. What does “it’s a kind of David and Goliath moment” mean?
  3. In your opinion, what differences do you think there are between Mexicans and Mexican-Americans? What differences are there between Koreans and Korean-Americans?
  4. What kind of cultures shocks have you experienced? Reverse culture shock?
  5. Do you think it matters if festivals or celebrations (like Cinco De Mayo) have been ‘adapted’ or ‘changed’ to fit into another culture?


Prezi Chapter 12


Media Listening Video Assignment Update

Media Listening Spring 2014 video assign



This handout is just to recap some of the things we talked about regarding the final part of the video assignment.

For example, some of the vocabulary you should include, ‘linking’ and ‘continuity’, what to ask your ‘expert’…and so on.

I’ll also include a couple of different examples of both news anchor and news reporting styles.

For this, the second part of the video assignment, all of the group members should participate. What you filmed for the first part of the assignment is graded seperately and therefore you’ll all have to be involved in the creation, filming, scripting etc of this second part. In other words, you’ll all have to be on screen, in new roles for this final part.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email me. We can go over any specific questions that you might have.





Presentation Spring 2014 – Speech #3 Example and Guidelines

spring presentation speech 3 example

listen to the program here…it’s called “Cut Me Some Slack” from the daily show – “Music 2 The Max”

Media Listening – group discussion for May 22nd

may 22 stories answers and extra (1)

May 22nd Stories (3)

May 22nd Stories (1)edit


Presentation Class – Speech #2 – update

Here is a Prezi that covers a lot of the things you need to prepare when you’re going to do a presentation –

There’s also a handout that you can print (and read of course) here –

Key Points To Remember –





signposting & linking

visual aids

body language

audience rapport




media listening group discussion answers May 15th

Thurs 15 May_CNN STUDENT NEWS (1)

Presentation Class Speech #3 – bring to class

Topic Sheet speech #3

Self-reflection sheet #3

Please print these pages and bring them to the next class. You will only need the self-reflection sheet after you have done your speech.

Enjoy the weekend ^^


Media Listening – Small Groups & Prezi Vocabulary Update

Below are links to the vocabulary sections from our CNN Listening book. The vocabulary is taken from the book and I’ve given you some additional meanings and different ways in how to use it. You’ll find them al on Prezi.


Also, here is the link to Thursday’s group discussion topics – please listen, answer the questions, and bring them to Thursday’s class.




Synthetic Drugs

  1. What are synthetic drugs, and what may cause them to be more dangerous than other drugs?

  1. Why is the U.S. so concerned about synthetic drugs, and what event concerning these drugs recently occurred in the U.S.?

  1. Brainstorm some ways to educate people about the dangers of synthetic and other drugs (in the U.S. or in Korea).

Federal Reserve

  1. What is the Federal Reserve, and what are its (two) primary concerns?

  1. Using examples, explain ways the Fed tries to keep prices stable.

  1. How might the Fed’s actions affect ordinary citizens?

South African Election

  1. Why is South Africa’s Liberation Party (the ANC) historically and currently significant?

  1. Is the Liberation Party likely to win the next election? Give reasons why it may or may not win.

Brunei and Beverly Hills

  1. What kind of law was recently instituted in the country of Brunei?

  1. What is Brunei’s connection to the Beverly Hills hotel, and why has that caused some celebrities to boycott the hotel?

  1. What are some potential side effects of boycotts, and do you think boycotts are effective or ineffective? Why?

Finally, as we’ve had a chance to give some feedback, I’ve put together a small handout with advice on how to improve your listening skills.

You can download it here ESL Listening Advice 2014

For the past 6 months I’ve been a regular, weekly guest on TBS Efm radio, here in Seoul. Every Wednesday between 5 and 6pm myself and the host talk about music.

I pick 3 different artists, different styles of music, we play some of their music and in-between – we talk…no script, just a few notes for me and we see what happens. The music is always good if you don’t like the chat ^^

If you want to hear the episodes, they are all here

Media Listening Schedule Update




05/13 Unit 9 +10 05/15 Small Groups

Listening 9 due 05/17


05/20 Quiz 3 (7-9) Unit 11 05/22 Small Groups

Listening 10 due 05/24


05/27 Unit 12 05/29 Small Groups

Assignment 2 due 06/03


06/03 Presentations, QUIZ 4 (10-12) 06/05 Review day


06/10 Make-up Class 06/12 NO CLASS


06/17 FINAL EXAM  



Presentation Class – Movie Pitch update

movie pitch Self Reflection sheet

Movie Pitch questions