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Presentation May-June 2016 (updated May 2nd)

Everything you need to prepare for the final presentation in June…all in one blog post

Presentations Post-midterm 2015

How To Train a Border Collie

Presentation May 7th 2015 speech 4 (speech 4 details)

presentation-final-june-2015-speech-prep (1)

Visual Aids May 2015

presentation-speech-5-introduction-may-2015-1 (1) (speech 5)

Here are some 3 minute Ted talks that I think you’ll find useful. Please watch a couple and think about how to analyze purpose, hooks, closing etc


R and C – April 25th Unit 6

r and c unit 6 april 2015

Presentation April 25th 2016

Topic Selection

Topic Audience Message Purpose

All Students – Posting…



Advanced Conversation April 25th

Adv Conv Unit 7 Going Away



Some phrases/expressions to help you get through Monday…

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Advanced Conversation Midterm Review

For our interview, I’ll ask a few questions and you should try to answer as best as you can.
It will be graded on:
1-Communication (x/10)
2-Vocabulary (x/10)
3-Grammar (x/10)
4-Conversation Strategy (x/10)
5-Fluency (x/10)

There’s lots of examples in the book (both at the back and the front).

Also, this Blog Entry shows you some basic grammar review and of course, you should read ‘How To Get an A’…


Advanced Conversation Update April 12th 2016

Quiz 1 Outline

The Quiz for April 14th (Thursday) will also have 2 short listening sections. You can find audio files on your ‘Touchstone’ login page.

Part A = Listen and choose “True” or “False”
Part B = Listen and choose the correct answer (a, b, c or d)
Part C = Complete the sentences by adding in CORRECT verb
Part D = Circle the correct response
Part E = Complete the conversation with present simple/ present continuous verbs

Part F = Circle the correct word choice
Part G = Circle the correct word choice
Part H = Write a question and answer based on prompts (hints)
Part I = Circle the correct word (General/ Specific)
Part J = Use “was”, “were” or “did”
Part K = Use object pronouns (it, him, her, them, everybody, nobody etc) to complete the conversations
Part L = Circle the BEST answer

You’ll also need to use directions/prepositions, simple present/present continuous, determiners, and some ‘friendly’ vocabulary.




Presentation Spring 2016 -April 12th Update

First of all, great job today with speech #3. I really enjoyed watching everyone, and I even managed to participate ^^

A quick summary: Some really good, loud, clear voices in today’s pairs. When voices are that loud it signals an air of self-confidence and positive energy. Very good.

I also think with additional gestures and the use of stress/intonation it really adds so much to the speech (or the scene as we did today). Remember to add them to your midterm (and other speeches).

So, the midterm. We’ve organised the dates for everyone. Remember to come on time. Super important.

For those of you who didn’t send emails (before the deadline). Here’s the info for the midterm.

I would ask you to do 3 things for next class and for the midterms:
First, check the blog for the latest update. Presentation midterm april 2016- go to the 5th slide and ask yourself – Does my introduction do this or not? Check this speaking of speech video –
Next, look over the second link on the blog page for ‘Speaking of Speech’. Go to the ‘Introduction’ slide and then read the pages in the textbook. We’ll do them together on Thursday.
Finally, watch the video from ‘Speaking of Speech’. Can you do this?
PS  – practice, practice, practice



Presentation Class – Update April 6th 2016

Intonation/Stress/Stretch Practice

Presentations -April 2016 – Intonation & Word Stress

Presentation Midterm Spring 2016 – Warm-up

Presentation midterm april 2016-

Presentation Spring 2016 “Speaking of Speech” Exercises & Activities
Speaking of Speech Presentation Midterm April 2016




R and C April 5th Update

Today’s in-class writing activity

R and C April 2016 A Paragraph Style

How to structure a paragraph…Structure a Paragraph

We’ll cover the midterm in more detail nearer the exam date.