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Presentation Class- Speech 2- Group 3

March 31st Speakers

Presentation Spring 2016 Semester Update

Presentation Spring 2016 – Schedule

Presentation #3 Details

Presentation 3 edit March 2016

Script and Link- Seinfeld- George Not Sure He Has The Job

Script and Link- Seinfeld- George Thinks of New Job

Script and Link- Seinfeld- Elaine is trying to convince Cynthia to go out with

GeorgeFRIENDS Joey and Chandler youtube link

Modern Family Script 1 Alex Haley!2970&authkey=!ALPGl1rmM3wtAvE&ithint=video%2cmp4

BBT Series 4 Episode 23 – The Engagement Reaction!2971&authkey=!AMnbCvBFpEvUKno&ithint=video%2cmp4

Advanced Conversation Semester Update March 2016

Advanced Conversation Schedule

Coffee can help you live longer

Advanced Conversation wk2 March 10th (1)

Reading and Composition – Semester Update

Reading & Composition Spring 216




RnC Topic Sentence March 2016 Movie Trailer Activity edit

r and c paragrapgh example March 2016

R and C March 2016 Paragraph How To…

Structure a Paragraph (2)


Speech 2 March 29th

Prez 1- March29th – Presenters & Peer

SPeech 2 – March 24th – Speakers/Peers

speech 2 march 24th

R and C arch 24th 2016 Update

For OSW 2 Brainstorming


Unit 3 – Topic Sentence & How To Structure a Paragraph

Structure a Paragraph (1)

R and C Spring 2015 Wk 4 The Topic Sentence



Advanced Conversation – Unit 2- Unit 3 Update

Here you’ll find Unit 2 Grammar review as well as some of the expressions and phrases that we went over in class.

Adv Conv march 21st schedule



March 17th-21st Advanced Conversation


This Wednesday 23th (23:59) Video 3 is due:
Unit 3- 03.24
Talk about how you stay healthy using the simple present and present continuous. Then, give your professor some advice on how to stay healthy using using if and when.

You’ll find some examples in the book and by using the online workbook content.

R and C Update March 20th 2016

Reading and Composition 1 Edit

cooking verbs esl picture dictionary worksheet (1)

Structure a Paragraph

Presentation March 16th 2016 – #2 Outline

Presentation #2 Topic Info Gestures March 2016

We will split the presentation over 3 dates. All the details are in the PPT…