Presentation 1 – April 4th Update

Midterm Speech Topics (1)

Here is the link with your list of choices for your misterm presentation.

Dates will be 17th, 22nd, 24th April.

You will present on one of those days and will also have to observe on one other day. You’ll come to 2 classes out of three. We’ll work out the dates soon.

Some key points –




1. I planned on paper.
2. I took time to plan an interesting speech.
3. I selected a few interesting points about my topic.
4. I practiced my speech at home!
5. I made note cards with key points/words only.



1. My speech topic was simple and clear.
2. I told an unexpected point about the topic! What was it?


3. My points supported my topic well! I described my topic well.


4. I connected to the audience. How?


5. I had a beginning, middle and end in my speech.



1. I was relaxed and smiled.
2. I spoke in a clear loud voice.
3. I gestured.
4. I made eye contact with the audience.
5. I enjoyed myself!
6. I dressed appropriately.
7. I kept good time.
8. I only read minimally from my cards.



Remember to use this blog to review what you should/shouldn’t do in a presentation(Prezi links)

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