Media Listening Group Discussion April 10th

April 10th pt2 movie conduct questions pre-class

MEDLIS Group Disc- April 10 Part 1

Here are the 2 parts you’ll need for this week’s Group Discussion. There are 2 scripts (don’t worry – combined they come to around 10 minutes) and you should start by downloading the link that says pt2.

When you’ve got that file, click the link at the top.

On the BBC page, look for the downloads link. From that link you can download BOTH the audio and transcript that you’ll need for this activity.

PDF file and MP3 file are BOTH on the page.

There are a few discussion questions, a some idioms, and a table for you to complete and bring to class.

Next, once you click the second link, it should read “Moviegoers Code Of Conduct”. Click the Youtube link  and follow the transcript. I will bring an extra activity to class on Thursday.

Also, Quiz #2 will be on April 15th, covering Units 4-6.


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