Presentation – October 25th 2016 – Update

Here are some files, Youtube clips, and other useful information you’ll need for this “Infomercial Speech”

The Presentations will be on November 5th and November 10th

The Snuggie Commercial (For Thursday 29th – handouts/script)


Grading Rubric

Infomercial Handout #3 Outline

Justin B Infomercial

You Should Follow These Guidelines Below

Presentation #3 Infomercial

Handout #3 More Assignment Details

  1. PRODUCT: Think of a useful product you want to persuade people to buy. It can be silly or serious!
  2. WRITE your script! Use extremely persuasive language and techniques. The more exaggerated the better…you can even do a “spoof” of an infomercial (not serious).
  4. FILM!: Create a 2 minute infomercial including most if not all the elements we talked about in class : problem, your solution (product), how to use it/explain why it’s useful, testimonials (why do other people like it? You can use as many actors as you want, but you MUST be in it!), how to order, free gift?, finish strong with the main reason to buy it.
  5. CHECK: lighting (is your video bright enough? Can we clearly see you and the product?) sound (is it loud and clear enough? If you want to sell your product we need to hear you! Make sure there is no loud background noise!) key words (EX: Order now!). Music? Color? Background?
  6. On speech day, give a short introduction (30 seconds or so)…introduce yourself, and hook the audience?
  7. Show the video
  8. Signal question time (Unit #6 p. 51)
  9. Audience plan to ask at least 3 questions (Unit #6..p. 53 yellow box)




#9 – How to ask questions – follow this link –



Video Editing (free) –

Windows Movie Maker- (Free)

Best Video Apps –

Best Free Video Apps (IOS and Android)-….0…1c.1.64.serp..4.7.716.w8bjP4IiHsw

Persuasive Language Handout – persuasive-language-word-bank-1e3i059-1





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