Advanced Conversation – October 10th- Pre-midterm notes

You should review Unit 1-6. There is also a CD at the back of your book where you can hear dialogue examples…

Review for Written Quiz 1

Childhood Memories

Talking About Food

Write a Negative Response to each question…

Choose The Correct Adjective

(Memories about summer vacation) – My sister and I _ _ _ _ running every day on the track. (would…change to went)


_____________________________________       ______________________________  __________________________

For the speaking part of our midterm, you should review the units 1-6

You will be evaluated on

Communication- Grammar- Vocabulary- Conversation Strategy- Fluency- (proactive)

Midterm Exam Rubric:

Poor Fair Good Very Good Excellent
Comprehension 0 1 2 3 4 5
Fluency 0 1 2 3 4 5
Grammar 0 1 2 3 4 5
Vocabulary 0 1 2 3 4 5
Pronunciation 0 1 2 3 4 5


= the ability to understand questions and respond appropriately


= the ability to speak quickly, naturally, and without many pauses


= ability to use correct grammar and sentence structures


= ability to understand and use vocabulary words and phrases


= ability to use correct stress, rhythm, and intonation patterns

When you do your oral exams I will ask you four or five questions. For each question I will use these criteria to grade your answer. This means that each answer must include ALL of these things to be an ‘A’ (10%).

Evaluation Criteria: Question 1
Answer (full sentence)


Details (and/so/but/because)


Relevant Feeling/Opinion


Return Question (on topic)


Voice (clarity & confidence)


Eye Contact



Here is an example question from the midterm exam and an answer that would receive an A grade.

Student A: Do you prefer to go out to the movies or watch movies at home?

Student B: I prefer to go the movies rather than watch movies at home because I love to eat popcorn when I watch a movie. I also think it is much more exciting to watch a movie on the big screen. Which do you prefer Student A?

This answer contains:

  1. An answer (I prefer to go to the movies rather than watch movies at home) 2%

  2. Details (because I love to eat popcorn when I watch a movie) 2%

  3. An opinion (I also think it is much more exciting to watch a movie on the big screen) 2%

  4. A return question (Which do you prefer Student A?)2%

An additional 2% will be added to the answer if you look at me when you are speaking, and you answer in a loud, clear voice.

Conversation strategies
Share your ideas.
Describe typical behavior:My best friend is always helping his friends.

Give your opinions:It seems like teenagers todaydon’t spend enough time with their families.
Be a supportive listener.
Respond and ask a followup question:No, I’ve never traveled to another country. Have you traveled a lot?
Use short answers with really or sure to agree. Try to keep the conversation flowing naturally.




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