Advanced Conversation 3rd October

cambridge-register-short-2016  -how to register textbook

Video Assignments before the midterm

Unit 5 Video


Read about the different kinds of snacks on Page 50. Which one would you most like to try? Choose a popular Korean snack food and describe it. Talk about eating habits using containers and quantities; Talk about different ways to cook food; Talk about food using too, too much, many, and enough
Unit 6 Video


Read the 3 problems in 4 Talk about it on Page 57. Imagine a friend is in each situation. Give them advice for each situation using what’s advisable, necessary, or preferable (2 Grammar Page 57). Talk about future plans and schedules using will, be going to, present continuous, and simple present; Ask for and give advice about personal situations using modal verbs and expressions; Use expressions with make and do

advconvtue29thsept2016 – Review of last week’s lesson


Textbook Registration- Touchstone Class Code – drumbark22

Unit 5 –









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