Advanced Conversation

Grammar Review Unit 2 – unit-2-sept-2015-grammar-1

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September 13th/20th Class Outline


Please follow the directions below carefully and concisely…

Unit 2 Video


Read the two blogs on Page 18. Then, describe the most exciting experience you have ever had in your life. Try to use the adverbs fortunately, unfortunately, and amazingly. Talking about experiences/secret dreams using the present perfect
Unit 3 Video


Look at the questions in 2 Speaking and Writing on Page 29. Choose a country, then, find the answers to as many of the questions as possible (you may not choose Korea). Record your answer to each of the questions. Talk about the best, worst, and most beautiful things in your city and country; describe natural features
Unit 4 Video


Read Barbara’s blog on Page 40. When you were a child, did you and your family use to eat together every day? Describe 3 more things you used to do with your family that your family that you do not do now. Talk about family life using let, make, help, have, get, want, ask and tell; Talk about immediate and extended family; Describe memories using used to and would




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