R and C June 6th Update

This is the final week of regular classes. We have class on Tuesday and Thursday, then Final Exams next Tuesday 14th June.
Final Exam (35%) will be very similar to Midterm Exam.
It has 13 parts. Sections A1-A12 are based on Units from our textbook (Definition Paragraphs to Narrative Paragraphs).
Section B is choose a topic and write a well-structured paragraph.
You should review:
Adjective clauses (who, that, which) P127-130
Quotation mark use (“…”) P123-124
FANBOYS word use to join sentences P130-131
Giving definitions with adverbs and adjectives  P130
Sequencing words for processes P125
Topic sentence writing (main idea + controlling idea)  P51-52
The 5 senses/ 오감 and adjectives for each P158
Positive and negative adjectives
Prepositions of location (in, at, on, next to etc) P170-175
Verb tense (past, present, future) P212-214
General (일반) and Descriptive (구체적인) adjectives.

For Tuesday 7th June…

Here is a music video from an Australian “Indie” band. Watch the video, and then in groups answer the questions:
1-What is the plot (what happens/ sequence of events) in the video?
2-Where does it start, and where does the Bull-Man” go, and where does he ‘end up’?
3-What is the back-story? What has happened before this video?
4-What do you think will happen next? Who is the ‘other’ man?
5-Overall, what is the atmosphere/ mood of this story?
6-Describe “Bull-Man”‘s behaviour & personality.

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