Presentation 24th May 2016

Speech 5- The Introduction
What should I include in my opening?
*Hook*Your topic
*Why your info is useful/Why are you telling us this?
*Short summary of points
*Signal start of speech
Pictures and Questions
*1 picture…Can you guess what/where/who this is?
*2 pictures..What do these two have in common?
*1 unusual picture…This is what I’m going to talk about. Can you guess my topic?
*TIP: Repeat the questions if you get no answer!!!*Really take you time!
Stories are immediately interesting.*Take your time!*It can be a story about you*It can be a story about a friend’s experience.
*GO SLOWLY and tell it well!*Make sure it has a real connection to your topic and message!
*EX: I’d like to begin by telling you a short story…..
Say WHAT you’re going to say!  (future tense)
*EX: So today/this morning, I’m going to _____explain the causes of …..
inform you about …
persuade you that…
inspire you to ….
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