Presentation May 2016 Speech #4- Final Preparations

Here is today’s PPT about Speech #4 and what your “message should be”.

Remember – Inform, Inspire, Persuade!

Presentation May 2016 Speech -May3rd

For May 10th please see below. Please email me with your choice beforehand so I can check it.

Presentation Class May 10th – In-class presentation

Choose one idiom or slang (check the links, there’s tons of choice)

In preparation for Speech #4 you should preapre for a 1.5 minute presentation with 3 parts ( main body)

Give us the definition/what it means


How to use it (you can also give us a synonym…Korean is OK, for example)

Prepare 3or 4 PPT slides to enhance your presentation

Remember to focus on intonation, transitions, gestures and so on.

One more thing. Please fill-in the 서경 웹사이트 수업 온라인 평가서 this week!

Thanks so much for doing a great job. Enjoy your long weekend and have fun 🙂



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