Advanced Conversation Spring 2016 Syllabus

Week 1: March 3rd:
Week 2: March 7th/ 10th: Unit 2.
Ask questions to get to know classmates using the simple present; talk about favourite things; use responses with too and either to show things in common; starting conversations; using actually to give new or surprising information.
Week 3: March 14th/ 17th: Unit 3.
Talk about interests with can, like, hate, prefer, be good at; Discuss tastes in music using object pronouns and everyone, nobody, etc.; Saying no in a friendly way; Use really / not really to make statements stronger / softer.
Week 4: March 21st/ 24th: Unit 1-3 Review + Unit 5.
Talk about exercise and how to stay healthy using the simple present and present continuous; discuss common health problems using if and when; Encourage people to say more; Use expressions like Really? and Oh! To show surprise.
Week 5: April 28th/ 31st: Unit 5
Review of Units 1-3
Week 6: April 4th/ 7th: Unit 6
Talk about growing up and your family background using the simple past; Talk about school subjects people studied using most (of), a few (of), etc.; Correct things you say with expressions like Well, Actually, and No, Wait; Use I mean to correct a word or name
Week 7: April 11th/ 14th: Review Unit 5 & 6 + QUIZ 1.
Ask about places with Is there…? and Are there…?; Say where places are next to, between, etc.; Ask for and give directions; Offer and ask for help with Can and Could; Check information by repeating words or using expressions like Excuse me?; Ask “echo” questions like It’s where?
Week 8: April 18th/ 21st
Week 9: April 25th/ 28th: Unit 7
Talk about getting ready for a trip using infinitives to give reasons; Give opinions using It’s + adjective + to; Talk about things to take on a trip; Give advice and suggestions with should, could, etc.; Respond to suggestions; Use I guess when your not sure.
Week 10: May 2nd/ 5th: Unit 8
Talk about where you keep things at home; Say who wants things with mine, yours, etc. and whose; Talk about items in the home; Identify things using adjectives and one / ones; Use Do you mind…? and Would you mind…? to make polite requests; Agree to requests with expressions like Go right ahead.
Week 11: May 9th/ 12th: Unit 8 + 9
Tell anecdotes about things that went wrong using the past continuous and simple past; Talk about accidents (e.g., I broke my arm.) using the past continuous and myself, yourself, etc.; React to show interest with expressions like Oh, no!; Use I bet to show you’re sure or that you understand.
Week 12: May 16th/ 19th: Review Units 7-9
Review Units 7-9
Week 13: May 23rd/ 26th: Unit 11
Describe people’s appearance using adjectives and have and have got; Identify people using verb + ing and prepositions; Use expressions like What do you call…? If you can’t remember a word; Use expressions like You mean…? to check or suggest words and names.
Week 14: May 30th/ June 2nd: Unit 12
Make predictions and discuss future plans with will, may, and might; Talk about jobs; Discuss future plans using the simple present in if and time clauses; Make offers and promises with will; Agree to something using All right and Ok.
Week 15
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