Advanced Conversation – Unit 2- Grammar Update 14th September

Unit 2 Grammar PPT

unit 2 sept 2015 grammar

The Dog Ate My Homework – Making Excuses!

There’s also a short grammar section and an article with some interesting vocabulary to check.

Session Vocabulary

  • sickie
    a day when someone uses sickness as a false excuse for missing work or schoolwhite lie
    a lie which is harmless

    British slang for a lie

    skiving off
    missing work or school without a good reason


    very well known

    related to evil things that might happen

    a polite word for liars

    welfare benefits
    payments that people receive from the state to help raise their standard of living

    trick or cheat (someone)

    on the dole
    british slang for claiming unemployment benefit

    garden shed
    a building that is in a garden and is used to store things

    (here) an excuse for doing something bad

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