Advanced Conversation – Unit 3 03.25 & Video Assignment

1.Finish ALL of the exercises for the unit.

2.Then, go to the “markbook” and take a picture of your unit score.

3.You must upload this picture to me by the homework deadline.

Video 3 – Due date  – Midnight (Wednesday) March 25th. After this week,both assignments should be EMAILED to me before Thursday’s class. What that means is you have until Wednesday  11:59pm to email me your assignments. Later than that…

Recording 3

Describe the chores you have to do at home. Also, tell me about the kinds of complaints that your parents have of you?


This is a recorded homework assignment. Your answer must be a video recording. It should be between 1-2 minutes long.


You must record your answer (you can use your phone or your computer) and upload it directly to youtube and add a link by midnight.


You should double-check that your file works correctly. If I cannot hear or see the file you will not get points for the assignment.


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