Reading and Composition Spring 2015 – March 12th – Update

Here are all the PPT’s, Youtube clips, and handouts we’ve used for Unit 1 in “Great Writing”

Original Student Writing Page 29.

You will write a paragraph, about 12 sentences, complete with a title, indent, topic sentence, and conclusion.
Pge 25 of the textbook shows some examples of both good and not so good titles. You need to write a title for your own paragraph.
Original Student Writing (page 29) gives you the instructions to follow.
Topic Ideas (page 30)  – from here you should choose one topic, then use one of the topic sentences from the page in your paragraph

R and C Week 2 Original Student Writing 1 (march 12th)

Gordon Ramsay’s Pancake Recipe

Gordon Ramsay Cooking Lesson

cooking verbs esl picture dictionary worksheet

Reading and Composition 1 (1) (vocabulary/translated)

Process Paragraph (week 2) (1) (PPT)


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