Business Presentations – Infomercial – Update

Infomercial Ideas Links Big Ideas The Snuggie  – Original Billy Mays OxiClean Ad from October 2000 – BrightFeet TV Commercial – The Original Sham WoW Infomercial – Justin Bieber  -Slob Stopper – Top 10 Worst Infomercials: – The Clapper


Assignment Details


Infomercial Handout


Question Time Unit #6

After you show your video, the class will ask you questions…as classmates.

Use language from Unit #6 to ask and answer questions.

*Formal way to ask

EX: Would you mind telling us…..? Could you tell us……?

*Asking for repetition

EX: Sorry, could you repeat that question please? I’m afraid I didin’t catch your question

*Admitting you don’t know the answer:

EX: I’m afraid I don’t know. But here’s my email and I’ll let you know.



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