Busines Presentation – Idioms (practice presentation) details

1. Choose either 3 ‘slang’or idiomatic expressions.

2. 2 should be in English. The other 1 should be from your own language.

3. Expressions like ‘fugly’ are not acceptable. Go look up to see why? Something that’s ‘fun’ or a bit ‘naughty’ is acceptable though.

4. I will reply to all of you ASAP with direct instructions.

5. I’m looking for a 2-3 minute presentation each.  Like the example below.

“Go Postal”

Definition: To lose control and act violently; to be filled with rage and fury; to break under pressure
and harm others.
Example: 1) Tom looks awfully upset. I hope he doesn’t go postal and kill us all!
Etymology : In the last few years, a number of mail carriers in the United States have gone crazy
and shot some of their fellow employees. (In the U.S., a mail carrier is called a ‘mailman’
or ‘postman’, and the mail service is called the ‘post office’. The word ‘post’ has a
number of meanings, and can be used as a noun referring to a delivery of mail, and as a
verb referring to mailing a letter.)

Synonyms: go nuts

HERE: you should give us an example of how it could be used in everyday life…

6. You can put them on to a .PPT file. That way the class can see the examples and make a note of them.











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