Advanced Conversation Unit 2 Video and Book Homework – September 5th Update

Video 2 – Due date  – Midnight (Wednesday) 10th September.

Recording 2

What do you usually do on the weekends? What types of things you like and dislike doing on the weekends?  You can use the vocabulary and conversations on page 11 to give you some ideas.


This is a recorded homework assignment. Your answer must be a video recording. It should be between 1-2 minutes long.


You must record your answer (you can use your phone or your computer) and upload it directly to this site or to youtube and add a link by midnight.


You should double-check that your file works correctly. If I cannot hear or see the file you will not get points for the assignment


Unit 2 – (from the book)

1.Finish ALL of the exercises for the unit.

2.Then, go to the “markbook” and take a picture of your unit score.

3.You must upload this picture to me by the homework deadline.


Both assignments should be EMAILED to me before Thursday’s class. What that means is you have until Wednesday  11:59pm to email me your assignments. Later than that…

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