August 25th 2014 – Business Presentations – Must Read – 1st Class Speech

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I’m looking forward to a great semester with you and seeing you improve your public speaking skills.


Class Speech #1: Inspiring Business Person of Note

Group Speech: Design and Present Your Dream Campus or Newscast

Midterm Speech: 2 Sides of an Environmental Issue

Class Speech #2: Photo Exhibition

Class Speech #3: What’s Happening at ___ Subway Station (Video Presentation)

Final Speech: Futuristic Design Product


Class Speech 1

Inspiring Business Person of Note

Dates: Sept 4, Sept 11, Sept 16 and Sept 18

This is Class Speech #1.

The presentation dates for this are above. We will arrange who is speaking when(time and date) during the next class.

You should start thinking about this speech and what you will do to prepare for it.

“Cast your net out wide”  – this idiom means that you should really try to research and think of a person in the business world who is not a global name (yet), but who is still young and ambitious and has proved a lot.

For example, in Scotland (where I am from), there is only a population of 5.5 million people, but we still produce a lot of talented business people.

Michelle Mone, for example

Please download and print these files and bring them to class. We’ll have more discussion about what you should do to prepare and so on in the next couple of classes.

Business Person of Note Info Sheet

Business Person Rubric …open and read to help you prepare. DO NOT PRINT OUT.

Self-reflection sheet…..print out X 1, fill out at home after you watch your video.

Business Person Peer Critique.…print out X 7



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