Media Listening Video Assignment Update

Media Listening Spring 2014 video assign



This handout is just to recap some of the things we talked about regarding the final part of the video assignment.

For example, some of the vocabulary you should include, ‘linking’ and ‘continuity’, what to ask your ‘expert’…and so on.

I’ll also include a couple of different examples of both news anchor and news reporting styles.

For this, the second part of the video assignment, all of the group members should participate. What you filmed for the first part of the assignment is graded seperately and therefore you’ll all have to be involved in the creation, filming, scripting etc of this second part. In other words, you’ll all have to be on screen, in new roles for this final part.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email me. We can go over any specific questions that you might have.





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