Presentation Class Speech #2 -May 2nd Update

Here are some hints for our next speech.

You can use these as a guide for your speech as they give you a basic idea of what to do. However, they do not use graphics that well.
Above, is the PPT we used in the last class. Rember to use visuals effectively.
Finally, remember to pitch your idea (it’s another word for presentation). You’ll need to use persuasive and descriptive language. You are trying to sell something!
1. Summarize the plot in a few sentences.
2. Mention the setting: the place and time of the plot.
3. Say something about the main characters.
4. Say something about the content.
Also, use the worksheet to help you expand on your ideas.
Taglines can also be a great way to sell your idea. For example, The Shawshank Redemption used the tagline
Fear can hold you prisoner. Hope can set you free. Shawshank Redemption, The (1994)
Trust a few. Fear the rest. X-Men (2000)              

Finally, I’ve decided that BOTH homework assignments can be completed by no later than May 15th. That gives you 2 weeks to do both.

If you have any questions, or want to show me you your presentation ideas before you do the speech in class, just let me know via email.

Good Luck…


May 8th

Tae Yeon and Joon Hyuk

Young Oh and Da Eun

Jin A and Do Hyuk

JooHye ,Seong Jin and Kyung Ah


May 13th

Song Yi and Hee Ju

 Hyun Kyu Ji A and Sung Min

Young Joo and So Min

Seo In and Young Ye

Seung Hee and Jeong Hyun


May 15th

Da Woon and Sang Hee

Eun Jin and Jin Kyung

Sang Hyun and Ji Won

Ji Eun and Ju Hee

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