Media Listening – a few ideas for news stories…

A few examples for you…

International Court Orders Halt to Japan Whaling

With a news story like this, it has both a national and interntional value to it. You could ask both expats and locals alike questions related to it. Even though they might not have first hand experience of the issue themselves, they might still have an opinion on the subject.

Intro: A panel of judges in The Hague has ruled that Japan’s whaling activities are not for scientific purposes and has ordered a temporary halt to whale hunts in the Antarctic. We went to Insadong, Seoul (for example) to gather the opinions of the public and to see if enough is being done to stop illegal commercial whaling.


You’d need some kind of introductory question (you wouldn’t necessarily sow this on the finished slip).

For example, do you know anything about Japan’s illegal commercial whaling.

If they answered yes, you could then ask them (on camera) what their opinion is and what measures could be taken to prevent illegal commercial whaling.


Example 2:

SK Chief Is Korea’s Highest-Paid Executive

Do you think CEO’s can justify their salary? Do you think they earn too much? And so on…


Example 3:

[Herald Interview] Matchmaking website launched to help married people cheat

“A recent matchmaking website was launched in Korea that helps married people to cheat on their partners. We went out on the streets of Seoul to find out what people thought about this new venture?

Is it catering to the needs of a modern society, or is it the work of an immoral charlatan who’s only in it to make a fast buck”

The quotes are my own as I made up the intro, but hopefully you get the idea…



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