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Presentation 1 -Spring 2014 – March 11 – Update 2

In this blog we’ll look at cue cards, transitions, and some general do’s and dont’s for presentations.

Cue Cards

presentation 1Spring 2014-making-and-using-a-cue-card-1

cuecardphoto (1)


To write an effective cue card you should first buy some index cards. They are about half the size of A4 paper. Or you could half a piece of A4 paper. You’ll need more than one card…Look at the example above.

Have a look at this Prezi about Transition Words. You’ll need to know what they are and how to use them in your presentations. You should refer to this rom

Finally, here is a basic guideline for you to follow. We’ll develop more answers throughout the semester





Presentation 1 -Spring 2014 – March 11 – Update 1

Next week we will do both practice speech 1 (on Tuesday) and Practice speech 2 (on Thursday). The difference betweent the two of them is that #2 will be done in pairs.

I will add another blog entry with some more details and links that you’ll need to download for the next class.

Practice Speech #1 PAIRS “Meet……!” March 18

For this speech, you will:
1. Interview a classmate and prepare to:
2. Present him/her to half of the class in a 2 minute speech. SHORT! SURPRISE US!
4. 2.5%…completion/effort grade.

Practice Speech #2 PAIRS….March 20

“An Inspiring Person” (not Korean) or “Little Known Guinness Book of Records Fact” or “Did you know that…?” March 20

For this speech, you (and your partner) will:
1, research one of the above topics. Pick a little known person or fact…SURPRISE US!
2. Present it to half of the class in a 2 minute speech.
3. One picture! NO PPT!
4. 2.5%…completion/effort grade

Of course, it’ll always help to check out a few speeches before we start doing our own, so I’ve included the first one for you to watch. It’s short and you can click for Korean subtitles.

What do you notice about:
the speech opening? how the speaker engaged the audience? body language? nerves? humor? slides? movement? message?
What is each speaker’s point? Why should we care?

Yuotube Presentation Clip March 2014

This Youtube clip is also very useful (with subtitles). It’ll help you plan your presentation.

Media Listening – (UPDATED TUESDAY MARCH 11TH) Discussion Group Leaders – Dates

Here’s the updated list from today’s class.

Group Leaders for March 13th will be –

서우영 김정미 함현민 오혜승 최민욱 정승욱

To find out your group, just look down the column. For example, Group 1 will be – 

*Group Leaders remember you need to prepare thoroughly and create some additional questions for discussion in your groups.

Media Listening Homework (week 2)



Travel Log

To Complete this homework assignment you need to visit the following link:

Please reply on the google group OR by email and complete the following activities:

1. Pre-listening (just list 2 or 3 other answers for both questions)

2. Listening Exercises – post your answers first, then check your score, then post your score (4/5, 5/5, etc.) (just post the letters – not the whole sentences)

3. Post-listening Exercises – answer each of the questions in order.  

Remember – I am NOT grading your SCORE from the quiz – so don’t cheat!!  I am only grading your completion.  If you complete all the assignment you will get 100%

This assignment is due on March 15 at 12:00 Midnight.


Reading and Composition March 10th 2014

Unit 1 Worksheet (1)

Please print this and bring it to the next class.





Media Listening 9th March – Discussion Class (13th March)

This Homework assignment is due March 13 before class:

1. Visit the link below; 2. watch the video; then 3. answer the discussion questions –type your answers.

Please PRINT OUT the questions and answers and bring them to class.

*Group Leaders remember you need to prepare thoroughly and create some additional questions for discussion in your groups.

I will confirm the Group Leaders on Tuesday (probably after class). I can’t confirm the groups or the discussion leaders right now as I’m not sure how many students have dropped the class. The details are on the syllabus.

Discussion Leader: Each student will be responsible for leading a small group discussion twice during the semester. Grading will be based on preparation (including additional discussion questions), understanding, and leadership.

Class Participation: Each student will be responsible for completing the discussion group questions before class and participating actively in group discussion.

Please check here and our Google Group for more details. Follow the instructions carefully, but if you have a question – just ask!

Discussion Questions


1.What region of Ukraine is considering leaving and joing Russia?

2.Do you think Russia has the right to send its military into this region?

3.What are your thoughts about the revolution in Kiev and generally the situation in the Ukraine?

North Korean Missile

4.Where did one of North Korea’s missiles fly?

5.Do you think the U.S. military and the South Korean military should continue their training every Spring?

Daylight Savings Time

6.What is daylight savings time?

7.What was the purpose of D.S.T. during World War 1?


8.List two Olympic events that Tatyanna Mcfadden has competed in?

Workout Baby

9.What exercise is the baby showing her dad?

Media Listening 1 Spring 2014 Google Groups/Homework

media listen homework1

The link describes how to do the homework – – step-by-step. Send your emails to

As it’s a bit rushed, I’d like you to just email me directly with your answers and I’ll check them. Make sure you put your name in the body of the email.

You still need to sign up for a Gmail account, but we’ll use that from next week onwards. Send me your homework using the Gmail account and then I’ll invite you to the Google group.

There are Youtube clips and lots of info out there if you don’t know how to join a group. Trust me – if I can do it, we all can 🙂

This link contains all the documents you’ll need for this class. Print them off and keep them handy.

Any questions don’t hesitate to ask. Enjoy your weekend…


Presentations 1 – Tuesday March 4th

Week 1 Day 2 Class Handout Planning Pract Sp #1 Prep (1)

Please download and print these files for Thursday’s class.

Media Listening 1 Spring 2014 – CNN for Listening 1 Audio Files

It's been 136 years since Thomas Edison invented the phonograph, and since then, our means of listening to music has changed considerably. Take a look at some of the many technologies we've used to hear our favorite songs:

CNN Listening Unit 1 MP3 Files –

CNN Listening Unit 2 MP3 Files –

CNN Listening Unit 3 MP3 Files –

I’ve uploaded the audio units of the first 3 units from the book. They are in .rar format and should come as both individual and joined files.

Please make a Gmail email account and then we can start a Google group and share files like this a bit easier. I’ve actually uploaded all the files for the book, but one step at a time…