Discussion Questions (edited) and Homework Assignment

The questions for Thursday (written a bit differently^^)

1.     Do you think you are impacted by advertisements?  How?  Or why not?

2.     Jean Kilbourne says advertising with women has changed over the past 40 years.  How?  Do you agree?

3.     In your opinion what does your ideal woman look like?  Ideal man?  Why? 

4.     How did you form your opinions for number 3?  (as best you can remember)

5.     Kilbourne says the ads we see have a cumulative, subconscious effect that can create a ‘toxic cultural environment’. What does this mean?  Do you think we have toxic cultural environments? How?  Or Why not?

6.     Do you think ads ‘sell values,…concepts of love and sexuality, of success and…normalcy’?

7.     How are photos are retouched (according to Kilbourne)? Do you think we measure ourselves against these images, as Kilbourne suggests? Why or why not?


8.     Do you think the images of people of color in magazines are made to ‘approximate the white ideal’? Why or why not?


9.     What are some effects of objectification that Kilbourne mentions? Do you agree or disagree with her that the objectification of female images may be related to violence against women? Explain.


Listening Homework 4

To Complete this homework assignment you need to visit the following link:

Please complete the following activities on the google group:
1. Pre-listening
2. Listening Exercise 1 – post your answers first, then check your score, then post your score (4/5, 5/5, etc.) (just post the letters – not the whole sentences)
3. What is your opinion of the cosmetic surgery industry in Korea? (3-4 sentences)
This assignment is due on March 29 at 12:00 Midnight.


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