Presentation 1 -Spring 2014 – March 11 – Update 1

Next week we will do both practice speech 1 (on Tuesday) and Practice speech 2 (on Thursday). The difference betweent the two of them is that #2 will be done in pairs.

I will add another blog entry with some more details and links that you’ll need to download for the next class.

Practice Speech #1 PAIRS “Meet……!” March 18

For this speech, you will:
1. Interview a classmate and prepare to:
2. Present him/her to half of the class in a 2 minute speech. SHORT! SURPRISE US!
4. 2.5%…completion/effort grade.

Practice Speech #2 PAIRS….March 20

“An Inspiring Person” (not Korean) or “Little Known Guinness Book of Records Fact” or “Did you know that…?” March 20

For this speech, you (and your partner) will:
1, research one of the above topics. Pick a little known person or fact…SURPRISE US!
2. Present it to half of the class in a 2 minute speech.
3. One picture! NO PPT!
4. 2.5%…completion/effort grade

Of course, it’ll always help to check out a few speeches before we start doing our own, so I’ve included the first one for you to watch. It’s short and you can click for Korean subtitles.

What do you notice about:
the speech opening? how the speaker engaged the audience? body language? nerves? humor? slides? movement? message?
What is each speaker’s point? Why should we care?

Yuotube Presentation Clip March 2014

This Youtube clip is also very useful (with subtitles). It’ll help you plan your presentation.

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