Business Presentations – December 3rd 2013 – IMPORTANT NOTICE

Some of you may have heard that the presentation classes did not go ahead yesterday (Monday 2nd). We still have a class on Thursday, December 4th.

The school has said that the presentations must now go ahead on these 2 dates instead.

Thursday December 12th

Monday December 16th

The speeches should now be 4-5 minutes long, but you do not need to prepare or ask questions.

Students should come to class on Thursday December 4th, but there will be NO class on Monday December 9th.

Please note the following changes. Look at the list, find your name, and that’ll be when you’ll do the presentation. You only need to come to the class you’re presenting in.

December 12th

Hyun Jin


Ji Yeon

Yoo Jeong

So Hyun

Yoo Kyung

Ju Hwan

So Ri

Yoo Jin

Dong Min

Seung Eun


December 16th

Yeon Woong


Jae Yeon

Jin Hwa

Jeong Pil

Hyun Su

Ji Hoo

Hee Jeong

Hee Jeong


Jae Ho

Please contact me if you’re still unsure of what to do. Now you’ve got some more time to practice ^^

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