Advanced Conversation Fall 2013 – October 16th – Update

There are a few things that you’ll need to know for the upcoming midterms.

On October 21st, the first group of students will take the ‘exam’ in our classroom in the Eunju Bldg. Starting at 3pm.

On October 24th, the second group of students will take the ‘exam’ in my office #1403.

October 21st

3pm 김정준

305pm 이동혁

310pm 김정하

315pm 신나영

320pm 정호선

325pm 조정윤

330pm 최유진

335pm 하서미

340pm 한지희

345pm 한현민

350pm 윤다희


October 24th (office)

3pm 박현우

305pm 현민재

310pm 이무늬

315pm 정헤인

320pm 조상아

325pm 최 나은

330pm 최헤경

335pm 한상미

340pm 한효민

345pm 도성주

350pm 안남주

You should also revise the grammar sections in both the workbook and student book for the first 4 chapters of ‘Interchange’. Did you know that there is a website that goes along with the book?

This will help you revise by going here –

There is also an overview of the past tenses here – overview-of-past-tenses (1)

Also, the next blog assignment is due before 10/28. Page 33. 5 pieces of advice…send me mp3 files please 🙂

The next Group Discussion is also set for 11/04. We need to find out who’s not been a group leader yet? I put together some topics from the newsapers for you to take a look through. adv comm class discussion examples after midterm



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