Business Talk – October 1st – Update

Next week, we have a ‘group meeting day’ on Tuesday and we also conduct our surveys on Thursday. There’s still a lot to do before the midterm.

Here’s the list for you to check off…

1. For Tuesday 8th, all students must bring the following;

a) A graphic/logo idea (see page 9 of your workbook). If you can, try a few different ones and show them to the group?

b) A list of at least 3 or 4 ‘company name suggestions. Or, as many as you like.

It’s better to have too many ideas than not enough.

c) Is the mission statement and company introduction complete? Does it need edited? Does it make sense? Could we improve on it? Bring a typed copy of each to the class.

2. Everyone should read Page 13 of the workbook. Not just once, but several times.

See Step 1: Introducing the Product/Product Information

Read the paragraph. Do you have enough information about your company? Does it look professional? You may be surprised at what the other groups and classes are preparing?

3. Step 2 Asking The Questions/Research Questionnaire

I’ve supplied a few links that may give you some ideas about the questions to compile. A good mixture of questions is really important and don’t stop at TEN!

Do a search of your own and see what you find! Please bring a list of questions to the next class. You should all bring your own examples.


You can use sites like Survey Monkey – (they also have a Korean language option – but please do the questions in English) ^^

This site also contains some useful do’s and don’t advice

There’s also some great information here (you should follow this advice) and here designingsurveysthatcount

4. Go to page 18 of your workbook. How much have you and your group completed from the list?

5. As well as all of the above, you should be making plans for the other parts of the project. Remember what we talked about here?

6. During the class on Tuesday 8th, we will divide the groups and this will give you a chance to talk to another group about their product/service. This will simulate the midterm when you and I will have a one-to-one interview all about your company. Start thinking about how to describe your service. What language should you use? How do I describe my brand? It’s important that we start to think of the product/service as a real thing.

For example, you should be able to describe your product/service to someone in a few sentences. The less complications, the easier it’ll be to sell the idea!

Please come prepared and remember to keep in touch with your group members about how things are progressing. If you have an idea for something (or anything at all) share it with your group.

So, that’s where we are. I hope you enjoy the holiday on Thursday and if there’s anything you want to ask or show me prior to the class, please do not hesitate ^^





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