Business Presentations Update – October 1st

Group Grading Rubric

Group Speech Outline

Topic Info (1)

These are all the documents you’ll need for the group presentation.The presentations will take place on Oct 14th and October 17th.

Before you come to the next class (7th October) you and your group should have the following already prepared:

1.  Group members.

2. Choose a category (or your own choice).

3. Create a questionnaire. You should do this together.

Try to make a mixture of open-ended questions, yes/no questions, rating (poor/good/very good/excellent), multiple choice (a/b/c/d/e)

Here’s an example:

1a What is your name?/ 1b Are you a student at SKU? Yes/No / 1c If yes, what’s your major? 1d What year are you in (Freshman/Sophomore etc…)

2a What do you think of the…?

(poor/satisfactory/good/very good/excellent)

surveyphoto (2)

There are some examples of good and bad questions in the photo above. Download it and check.

For the next class on Monday October 7th, please

Next, here are the midterm presentation documents.

Info and Topics (1)

Quite a lot of you have already chosen a topic and some of you have chosen the same topic. If you choose the same topic as another student, you’ll just do your presentations on different days.

The dates are October 24th and October 28th.

Email me with your preferences ASAP. We will also work out the dates at the next class.

October 7th and October 10th we will have time to go over something new, plus we will have time for feedback so please bring your ‘self-reflection’ evaluations to class for me to have a look at.

We will also have time to work on our group speech as well as the midterm. However, you’ll have to prepare most of it in your own time.  Also, please prepare the correct cue cards.



Finally, for Monday 7th October, the homework assignment is from your textbook ‘English For Presentations’. It’s important that we use the key language from the units. Please do the following from UNIT #4 as you’ll use it in the group speech.

Page 33 #1 (audio – use the cd at the back of the book)

Page 34 #3

Page 35 #5 (audio – cd)

Page 36  – Talking about trends

Page 37 – #8

Page 79 – key vocabulary

Any questions, send me an email and enjoy the holiday on Thursday ^..^



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