Business Talk September 24th – Update

09/26 Case Study 3

Cosmetic Applications


On Thursday, we’ll be studying Case Study #3 from our syllabus. Please download, print and read this before coming to class.


Also, there is no class on October 3rd. There are only 6 classes until the midterms.

The syllabus for Tuesday October 8th and Thursday October 10th will now be dedicated to our company projects. Tuesday 8th will be a ‘group meeting day’ and Thursday 10th will be a market research day  in which students will survey as many people as possible from as many different classes as possible.  Afterwards, you will come back to your groups to analyze the data and begin to construct the demographics of your target market.

So, that means we will need to think about our market research and a survey, in particular.

Every student will need to complete the homework assignment on page 12 of the workbook and bring your answers to class on Tuesday October 1st. The surveys have to be ready for October 10th’s class, but this need’s to be completed first.

Finally,  alot of this course is self-directed study and you are expected to do work on your own outside of the classroom without it necessarily being assigned homework.

If you need any advice or suggestions or just want to talk things over, you can always email me or make an appointment and come and see me in my office



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