Advanced Conversation Fall 2013 – September 23rd – Update

Unit 2 – Wrap-up

Today, I mentioned ‘Hell’s Kitchen’, the reality TV show that’s on FOX in the United States (and shown worldwide). It’s amazing what people will do on TV these days. Would you want to be a chef? Could you work for Chef Ramsay?

In this activity there’s a good opportunity to listen to ‘real’ conversations (ie – without a script), and some of the language (although some of what the men say about the women I find quite disrespectful – go to 14:30 and hear for yourself) is definitely different than  you’ll find in most textbooks.

There are lots of different accents, they use idiomatic expressions and ‘slang’, and you get to see and hear the contestants under pressure.

Watch the clip (or the episode first) then look at the questions and test yourself. IF you have any questions just let me know.

See you Thursday



You can also use Freemake to download the clip to your hard drive and watch it in your own time.



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