Business Presentations September 16th Update

Here are the sheets for Speech #2 if you lose the copy I gave you in class.

Info and Prep sheet

Speech 2 Grading

Just remember the points that we went over in class today and follow the guidelines as best you can.

The students who will be presenting on the 26th are listed pres-fall-2013-speech-2a

Students who will present in groups 2 and 3 are listed here pres-fall-2013-speech-2b

Please double-check that you’re in the right group ^^

Remember to focus on ‘strong openings’ (page 78 -79) and ‘signposting’ (also page 78-79 of your textbook).

Don’t forget to work on your ‘hook’ as well as this time thinking about some ‘interaction’ with the audience and showing some enthusiasm. Smile.

For your short video clip you can upload your video file using and put it as well as your PPT/Prezi slides on to a USB. Remember, we may not have internet in our room so put your presentation details on a USB. You can record directly from your phone, download the file (with or without using youtube) to your PC and then edit (if you want) and save it to a USB.

Finally, here are some questions ‘for the audience’. Everyone should look at these and don’t be afraid to add a few of your own. speech 2 – new holiday questions

Please email me your ideas and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.

Enjoy your Chuseok holidays and see you all next week!

2012-09-28-Dear-Korea-Happy Chuseok




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