Business Talk Fall 2013 – update (September 7th)

Here are some updated details for the classes next week.

1. As we discussed, the class is essentially in 4 parts.

a) Dilemma and Decision (workbook)

b) Case Studies (Blog)

c) “Make a Company” (Workbook)

d) Assignments (‘Minutes’ and “Write It Up” – this is at the bottom of the D and D page)

Each class we will spend time working on the company project. The other classes with either be studying a case study (with students from other groups) or working on a D and D section. You can follow the schedule by checking the syllabus on the blog or in your workbook.

All students are required to type the ‘write it up assignment’. For example, for this week you have to write a memo about the ‘hot-desking’ issue we looked at. Details at the bottom of the D & D page.

Every week, one student in each group will be responsible for taking the minutes from your ‘company’ meeting. That student will the have to take those minutes and send them as an audio file to me via email. The minutes should contain what was said at the meeting, by whom, and what decisions were made etc.


2. The next case study will be on September 12th. Please print and read the case study in preparation for the class.

09/12 Case Study 2

Whistleblowing & the Environment: the Case of Avco Environmental


3. For this coming week we should have a company name and a  basic idea of the product or service. Branding is an important part of the process (see week 2 of your workbook- as well as writing a mission statement) and I’ve prepared a worksheet to help give you some ideas. Please read, download, print, and bring it to the next class. biz talk 2 – branding – fall 2013 There’s also an accompanying video from CNN for you to have a look at.

Although they talk about ‘how to brand yourself’ in the job market, most of the concepts are not that different to what we want for our companies.

4. Memo – Here is a website where you can look at the structure of a memo.

If you have any questions or you’d like to discuss your company idea (or anything else related to the class) please let me know. My door is always open 🙂

Have a great weekend


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