Advanced Conversation Fall 2013 – September 6th – Update

Unit 1 – Wrap-up

iAdv Conv 2 Fall 2013 unit 1 extra – idioms a

tea idioms

Here are a couple of extra activities to finish Unit 1. They are mostly focused on idioms, but there’s also a listening and questions section.

This worksheet is an introduction to tea in Britain. I used 2 different sources from the BBC Learning English website to make it.

The first section (listening and questions) uses the audio found here:

The second section gives expressions used in the audio.
In the third section there are examples of the different equipment used to make a good cuppa.
And the last section (tea idioms) uses the video found here:

You can also download the video and the script as well as the mp3 file for the audio.

This is something you can do in your free time and it’ll not only help you with your listening and vocabulary, but it will also give you an opportunity to hear someone using ‘British English’.

Don’t hesitate to use these idioms, expressions, or new vocabulary in our class.

The next group discussion leaders and subjects need to be decided for our next class on Monday. There are some suggestions on the blog but please feel free to prepare a subject, issue, or story that interests you.

Finally, after Monday’s class (Unit 2 Interchange) there will be a blog assignment. Please refer to the schedule to see what it is (you can find it on our blog). The blog should be recorded and sent via email. More details on Monday.

If you have any questions about our class please do not hesitate to contact me at any time.

Have a great weekend!






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