Advanced Conversation 2 – Fall 2013 – documents

Today, there was a lot of information for everyone to try to take on-board. However, things will soon all fall into place. Don’t worry…

Here are 2 documents that you should read (and download) very carefully. First, it’s a list of your blog assignments. It has the questions and the due date. Your blog assignments should be recorded and sent to me via email.

When you do this be sure to include your name, class, the due date and number (blog 1, blog 2 etc). You can easily record your answers by using the microphone on your cellphone and emailing them to

The other document is our sign-up sheet for the discussion groups. Students will be asked for their comments at the bottom of the page. You should be well prepared for this part of the class. Also, try to think about a topical issue, or something that’s in the news.  If you’re having trouble thinking of something just ask me and I’ll give you some (hopefully) helpful suggestions.

Blog Assignments

Discussion Leader Assignments

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