Essay Class May 1st

Today, we’ll be doing a short presentation on what your second essay will be about. This can include a title, thesis statement, general points, and a conclusion. You can use notes to help you, but try to be as natural as you can.

There are also some more articles related to “Work” and “Gender Roles” that I will include for you here. Your first draft of this second essay will be for Friday 3rd May.

Long Hours Push Working Mothers Out of High-Level Jobs

No. of employees at S. Korean financial firms tops 300,000

University names not impressive, multinationals tell job seekers CEOs of foreign companies preach innovation at provincial university

[Editorial] Rewarding motherhood (gender roles)

Hyundai Motor suicide video goes viral in a bad way

The Highest-Paid College Majors Are…


Also, we have some grammar to cover for Friday’s class. Please read the punctuation PPT (slide 14) and then complete the apostrophe handout. Of course, you can check the same thing by using the website. If you use the website, just write your answers on your notebook.

punctuation (1)



Finally, we’ll also covering how to organize your essay. Here are the files for you to check.

Essay 1 Organization

I will also go over how to use quotations, footnotes, citations and so in your essays.

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