Presentation March 25th – Presentation 2



Here’s the presentation (using Prezi) that I showed in today’s class.

Remember, we want to take a particular theme and expand and develop it.

For example, a friend of mine who I’ve known since we were about 17 or so, is a really good guitar player. We used to play in a band together. We were chatting on Twitter about this and that (well, mainly about music) and I sent him a link to some of the music I’d written at home. We did this via ‘audioboo’ and ‘soundcloud’ (look them up – they’re apps).

After listening to my music, he then sent me some of his work and he suggested we write a song together – but only using our phones. We’re going to write a verse each, record it on our phones, then send the files via these apps – just for fun of course.

Anyway, my point is this – I could make a presentation out of this idea. I just need to expand the idea, talk about apps and smartphones and how they help us do all sorts of unconventional and unorthodox things. I need to research, organize, prepare, then practice to make an effective presentation. It’s still about ‘invention’ but it goes deeper than just telling us a-b-c…

Also, a good idea to liven up your presentation is by using idioms, phrasal verbs, metaphors and so on. Here are some examples.

science and technology idioms

Be imaginative, adventurous, and forward thinking!

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