Reading and Composition – Friday 22nd March



There are a few things to remind you about Friday’s class.

Please bring your assignment (typed) 2.2.2 (Page 10) Important People

Complete 2.4 (page 11) Capitalization & Punctuation

Buy a folder for your portfolio (see page 11). It’ll cost you 1000 won or so.

Fill in your reading blog for weeks 2 and 3. I’m going to check them on Friday.

Twitter – I have not seen much communication from you. If you want these participation points, you’ll have to start using it. If you don’t know what to do, just ask. I don’t want 300 tweets on Sunday!

See you on Friday…



PS – for me (or anyone else to see your Twitter message) you need to use the @ sign and their username – Otherwise, I may not be read it as it’s not directed to me.

@cbinseoul #3 I think that libraries are an important resource to the public. #bookrevolution

I’ve also attached an updated list of all the class contacts. You can try to add one or two to the conversation by simply adding their username at the begining of the message.

R and C Twitter List march 2013

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