Essay Writing 22nd March



There are a few things to go over for the next class.

1. If you missed Wednesday’s class (20th) then you’ll have to catch up. Read the articles on p154-156 and 161-163. You’ll still have to come up with an idea for your essay, so you should read the rest of this blog and see me in the next class if you have a question.

2. Wednesday’s class, the theme was about health. However, we looked at it from a few different angles. For a bit of homework for Friday, find out who Ben Johnson and Erin Brokovich were and what their connection to ‘chemicals and health’ are?

3. Some themes – Let’s try to think of some ideas that are more challenging. For example –

What is the connection between laughing and health?

Is laughing a cultural thing?

Laughter is the best medicine. Discuss?

Herbal remedies – Do they work?

Oriental/Chinese/Korean medicine (한약) – is it an option you’d choose?

Acupuncture –

Natural healing

Holistic medicine –

• chiropractic
• osteopathy
• naturopathy
• meditation
• acupuncture
• homeopathy
• crystals
• natural diet and herbal remedies

The benefits of Yoga

Why do we continue to use MSG in food?

A healthy diet makes a healthy mind.

Addictions/chemical dependency.

Veganism/Vegetarianism in Korea – 

4. pronouncase (1) Here is a review of the pronoun homework. Bring the worksheet on Friday please.

5. Friday’s class we will go over the structure of the essay – Introduction-Body-Outline

Lots to do. See you Friday.


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